Elite Gaming employs a staff of exceptionally qualified employees who specialize in complete asset refurbishment and resale including the following:

Testing, Auditing and Tracking: Once equipment has been received and is centrally located, Elite Gaming will perform testing and auditing services to determine the usefulness of the item and to capture important tracking information from each major component.

Data Security: Due to the sensitive information contained in almost all electronic memory components, 

Elite Gaming follows a stringent data management process to ensure that sensitive data is not inadvertently compromised.

Valuation Process: Elite Gaming will determine current market conditions and identify equipment that can be resold at a fair and reasonable price.

Steps of the Refurbishment Process

Step 1. Once specifications for an order have been agreed upon, the equipment is moved to the detailing area where all components of the games are cleaned. The cleaning process is carefully managed to rid equipment of any potential corrosive debris that could cause failure after shipping.

Step 2. After cleaning, the components are examined for quality or defects. This is the perfect time to inspect parts for flaws that may lead to future problems. With careful PM work in the beginning, our customers save time and cost during the installation process.

Step 3. After cleaning and inspection, the games are moved to the tech area to be put on our test benches and put through rigorous testing. The testing process helps ensure our customers are receiving a product that will give them the best opportunity of success in the field.

Step 4. After detailing, inspection, and testing, each game is inspected by our lead tech and warehouse manager for final approval and transfer to the shipping and receiving area.

Step 5. In the shipping area, games are made ready to be loose loaded onto containers or palletized to the customer’s specific requirements.

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