Step 1

Order confirmation:

Once all specifications for an order are agreed upon, to include; BV make/model, printer make/model, game theme, button type, etc.  The equipment is then moved to the refurbishment area.

Step 2


In the refurbishing process, all major components are pulled by one of our master technicians and sent to our bench tech department for cleaning, testing and refurbishment. Each completed component is then reinstalled into the cabinets and the games set up according to the customers specifications.

Step 3


Once the machine has been completely reassembled we then begin our rigorous testing process to ensure customer satisfaction. Every major component is inspected and tested for optimum performance.

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Step 4

Quality control:

Upon completion of the testing process, the equipment is then allowed to run for at least 24 hours, prior to a final inspection by our quality control team. This final step allows us to ensure the machines meet our rigorous standards and exceed your expectations.

Step 5


After our final quality control inspection, the games are then moved to the shipping/receiving area to be protected, packaged and palletized according to the customers shipping needs.